Bad Handwriting.

I was doing some research for the blog and found this article by Mike Cohn and I honestly almost laughed out loud!

Hard to Read Handwriting Is Best for User Stories

It basically states that research has proven that people have a harder time remembering information that they read in an easy to read font, such as Arial, as opposed to trying to decipher someone’s crappy handwriting. So, for any information that you really want people to take in and remember, make sure you write it by hand and don’t even try to make it pretty!

For somebody who often struggles with handwriting, particularly on publicly displayed items, such as flip charts and whiteboards – I tend to write relatively legibly, but typically “horizontal” is a very inaccurate description of my writing direction – this is a very welcome revelation! I now not only have an excuse, but rather a reason to continue to write in this less than perfect manner. Not only that, I will also have this fun fact to throw at any smarty-pants colleague who decides to make jokes about my less than ideal scrawl…

Mike & the scientists – you made my day! 🙂

One thought on “Bad Handwriting.

  1. Thanks for the reminder about that Mike Cohn blog. At my current job they have a tendency to try too hard to be super professional, so they’re always printing things out for the board instead of writing it up by hand. The team I convinced to use handwritten task post-its has been doing the best, and now I have a good reason why and a good argument to get the other teams trying it 🙂

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