Board Meeting.

I wanted to share another article and blog with you today, one that I go to for inspiration and ideas both for my day to day work life and for new topics for my blog.

5-Minute Board Test by Pawel Brodzinski  of Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

This particular piece is about Kanban and more specifically about designing a well functioning visual board to track your team’s progress. Like I mentioned previously, I am a big fan of visual management and display of information, but as Pawel rightly points out, team boards, whether for Kanban or Scrum, are only really effective if they are simple enough to be (almost) self-explanatory.

How good is your board?


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Sharing is Caring.

Starting out as a product owner in an organisation that has only recently switched to agile scrum and where pretty much all fellow product owners and scrum masters are also new to the agile game has been challenging at times. While it is nice to discover new ground together and not feel like the new kid in school all the time, sometimes it would be nice to have someone more seasoned and experienced to bounce ideas of and get inspiration on how to do things better. This lack of agile guidance within the team has often prompted me to go in search of knowledge in other places, mostly on the internet and often in the form of other agile blogs.

Since agile is primarily used for software development, naturally there are many others out there who talk about it on the web. Interestingly, I have mostly come across blogs written by men. I wonder why this seems to be such a male domain? Of course perhaps it’s just a coincidence that my online research has almost exclusively uncovered content by men, but then again even in discussion forums and agile communities, there don’t seem to be many other women who are engaged in the conversation. I am not a feminist by any means, nor do I think that there needs to be an equal amount of men and women in every profession, I am merely curious as to whether there are less women or whether they are just less vocal?

I was very pleasantly surprised when one of the women in agile found my blog the other day! Ladies, glad you are out there! 🙂

Rather excited to find another female voice, I went and took a look at her stuff myself. Cindy, thank you for introducing me to your lovely blog, beautifully designed and cleverly written. I particularly love your clever use of post it notes – inspired! I look forward to following you along and reading more about your experiences in the world of agile and I am very happy to be able to share your blog – a new favourite:

After all, sharing is caring.